SF Chronicle

“The same can be said of Natalya Shoaf’s “[Lackless].” Music from Kendrick Lamar created an otherworldly atmosphere around Shoaf’s abstract choreography, so specific in structure and exquisitely edited in detail. The flexible and fearless Pauline Mosley mesmerized in the lead; four dancers served as a chorus, and Sierra Serban couldn’t help standing out from the pack. It’s hard to believe that Shoaf is a college senior; she is one to watch.” -

Claudia Bauer


Bay Area Stringer

“Another gripping work was Natalya Shoaf’s premiere of “[Lackless].” Five performers worked effectively with one another to give us a presentation of brutality to women. Without actually coming to blows in any way, they were able to demonstrate the cruelty inflicted and the emotional consequences of such situations. Brava to all!”

Joanna G. Harris