natalya janay shoaf was born in Los Angeles, California where she began her dance training and later attended Los Angeles County High School for the arts (LACHSA). Upon graduation from Alonzo King LINES BFA program at Dominican University, she has decided to set roots in San Francisco.

natalya is a freelance California-based movement specialist, choreographer, and dancer. she has worked worked and performed with and El Wah Movement Dance Theater and many more. natalya has presented work in Black Choreographers Festival (San Francisco and Oakland) and recently choreographed on San Francisco’s native band CON BRIO’s latest music video, “Body Language.”  natalya is excited to present once again with the Black Choreographers Festival as a sponsored artist, march 2019. her work has since been invited to perform at LEVYsalon (San Francisco) and CHOPSHOP (bellevue, washington).

natalya shoaf uses contemporary dance to bridge the gap between dance and our being, so that dance becomes an interpretation of our everyday lives and offers a new perspective and lens through which the world can be seen.

natalya desires to travel the world and spread her deep belief in love and connection through her dancing and choreographic endeavors.