study 2: 4/23/18

dancer: Anouk 

hours in studio: 3 

reason for study: curiosity in the capabilities in dancer's body. 

challenged faced: this day i struggled to make material up on the spot so i sourced material from an improvisation session i recorded of myself a few days prior to our meeting. i was easily influenced by the dancer and her ideas thus creating a great flow of energy in our environment. 

realizations: i am realizing the choreographic patterns i creates, and deciding whether i should dive deeper into these patterns or break them and search for something new. 

Study 1: 4/25/18

dancer: samantha

duration spent in studio: 6 hours

reason for study:  A study to see how I can efficiently and effectively use her body.

challenges faced: The challenge for me was how to create these shapes within her body that still encompassed room for possibility and the chance to enchange energy within the space.

questions used for research : Meaning of duration of silences? How can stillness in the dancers mind, capture the attention and acquire further investigation from the viewer?

challenge for dancer: The challenge for dancer was the manifestation and embodiment of ideas that are no longer mind oriented but sourced from intuition and innate intelligence. 

*note this is a work in progress